Top Tips For Gaming Rig

Using a windows computer, laptop or any other gaming pc, troubleshooting is a done almost the same for all computers.  Here are some tips which can be causing your computer running slow or acting strange. Before spending your money sending on a top rated gaming computer repair shop here are some tips to try for yourself.

Your Computer Is Running Too Slow

If your computer is running very slow, quickly check the space on your hard drive or see if the CPU is throttling down and using energy efficient settings. It could also be your hard drive is full to its capacity which will slow down your computer since the files the pc needs to access might be require additional sources and time to access. You could easily this problem by deleting some old files and putting them on an external hard drive. Another thing that can significantly slow down your computer is the amount of programs installed. Uninstall unnecessary programs to do so, go to start menu button, click at Control Panel    option and then click Programs option, here you can find list of program and uninstall unwanted programs. Computers come with many programs which most users never ever open. By removing these programs you will increase your computers speed. Many programs will slow down your computer because they are automatically opened when login in to your computer. One way to stop this is to not allow any programs to open during starting. To do so,  go to Startup menu, then type  Run on search box, a window would appear, type ‘msconfig’ and press ‘OK’ button, a ‘System Configuration’ window pop up, on the top click startup tab, press ‘open Task Manger’ option, then you can see list of program, disable those you don’t want to run at startup.

When you perform multitasking for example opening email, browsing on different websites or opening new tool. your RAM usage increases. Adding more ram or even overclocking the ram can help you with these issues.

Run a disk defragment to optimize your hard drive.

To do so, go to ‘My Computer’, then right click on hard drive, select the option of ‘Properties’ , a window would popup, at the top of window go to ‘Tools’ tab, there would be an option of ‘Optimize and defragment drive’ , click on ‘Optimize’ option.

Disk cleanup – Delete unwanted files

To do so, go to the option of ‘Start ’ menu and go to the option of ‘All Programs’ , than go to the option of Accessories, than go to the option of ‘System Tools’, than go to the option of ‘Disk Cleanup’

Dust – Keep it clean

Open your gaming rig and you would not believe how much dust is stuck in the computer. Having proper air flow is vital to keeping your computer running cool and efficient.  An overheating computer could also cause problems like random shutting down and also permanent damage,

Dirty Computer

You can clean you gaming computer by using canned air to remove the dust or you can use a vacuum cleaner and a brush to get all the dust out. Proper maintained of your rig can help it running for a long time. If you have a laptop or Mac the process is the same. Keep your computer a clean at all time and it will keep running for a long time. Keeping good maintenance will prevent you from sending it in for an expensive mac repair or laptop repair service. Many times a dirty computer can start showing symptoms of a bad computer. Keep your electronics clean!